Virtual Consultation

Virtual Consultation

Real-time video consultation has become need of an hour in times of Covid-19. We provide virtual consultation which will enable patients to provide consultation via video conferencing technology.

If you are having any kind of dental problem then fear not. Our doctors are here for you. Book video consultation with Specialists for Virtual Consultation. As we maintain social distance during Covid-19, it is essential that we keep ourselves safe and healthy.

With our new virtual consultation service, we bring to you a seamless platform through which you can discuss your dental issues by consulting our Doctors, without having to leave your house.

Follow the below simple steps to connect a video consultation of a doctor.

With photos of your teeth and closeups of the area in question, our dentists can offer more accurate advice. We’ll need at least two pictures from you, but ideally three from the following angles:

  • Front, closeup view of your smile
  • Side view of your smile
  • Closeup of the area of concern

If you can send us clear pictures from these angles, it will help us offer you high-quality, personalised information

  • The patient uploads a photos to the platform.
  • Our specialist will review and record a personalized video consult.
  • The patient will view the video and schedule an appointment.
  • Choose the time slot available and book as per your convenience.
  • Get notified about your appointment through SMS or email. Then start the video consultation by submitting your details in the form shown below.

    From our Virtual Consultation What to expect and what not to expect?

    What to expect?

    • A proper virtual consultation will be provided by our specialist as the confirmed timeslot will be reserved for the patient. And no other patient will attend during that time.
    • Doctor can suggest other tests including the main tests by seeing a patient as well he can suggest which are required for proper diagnose of patient condition.
    • If in case of patient position, doctor can recommend surgery or treatment depending upon patient looking condition. Patient must visit the doctor before going for surgery or treatment.

    What not to expect

    • No prescriptions will be provided unless and until physically examined.
    • No new diagnosis will be made in case if physical examination is necessary.
    • General checks-ups will be not available as assessment of health risks can not be done virtually.

    Main benefits of doing virtual consultation

    • Easy access to your dentist
    • No need to take time off from work
    • Avoid the risk of exposure to illnesses
    • Reduce wait time
    • Get assessed if you need urgent/emergency visit
    • Get guidance on possible treatment options
    • Booking appointment is easy from the home with safety
    • The best way to be screened and get advises, in case of emergency
    • Specialist access will be available.