Dr. Medha Gadkari ( B.D.S. )

Dr.Medha Gadkari’s graduated as a Bachelor of Dental Surgeon from Government Dental College, Mumbai in 1984. She has done a course in Dental Implant.

Dr. Medha Gadkari’s motto is that she treats all her patients like her own family. This extends from our delicate approach to surgeries to considering the radiation dosage when we take Digital x-rays for your child and the long-term implications of any treatment we do.

She strives to make her clinic unique by being a leader in customer service and providing beautiful, lasting dentistry using only the most cutting-edge technology.

With the use of state-of-the-art equipment and the latest treatment methodologies, guided by experienced hands to deliver complete dental care for the family. Dr. Medha Gadkari likes to solve complicated problems simply, by giving the best care possible, for a long-lasting result.