Dr. Girish Sarda ( M.D.S. )

Dr. Girish Sarda is an energetic and confident health professional. He has consistently received excellent feedback from his patients.

He has an established reputation for proper diagnosis and treatment skills that produce an excellent balance of aesthetics ranging from micro smile-aesthetics to the whole facial outlook makeover.

He has over fourteen years of treatment experience, working with progressively more challenging cases and more diverse patients. Dr. Girish completed his BDS from SMBT dental college( Sangamner)  and his MDS in Orthodontics from KLE institute of dental sciences Bangalore in 2011.

For Dr. Girish, the single most valuable tool in clinical diagnosis is the simple act of listening to the patient.  His approach to treatment is based on this philosophy and, with this in mind, he works collaboratively with his patients to create a treatment plan which best fits their individual needs. 

Dr. Girish understands that being at a dentist may be an anxious experience, therefore he treats everyone with empathy and care. Many nervous patients are put at ease by his gentle and friendly manner. Apart from his love for dentistry he is a passionate bike rider and loves his expedition on his favorite bike.